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Have You Laughed Today?

You know you can always count on us to bring you cheesy x-ray jokes to brighten your day! Source.

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Weird Extragalactic X-Ray Flares Baffle Astronomers

And as you know, we love all things weird, extragalactic, and x-ray!   Astronomers are baffled by two mysterious objects in space that blast superbright, superfast X-ray flares and could represent a brand new type of astrophysical phenomenon. When these … Continue reading

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X-Ray Coolness Factor Catalyst for STEM Program

The discovery of the x-ray in 1895 transformed the medical profession. As we at Specialty Portable know very well, today the x-ray remains a cornerstone of medicine through its use in x-ray, computed tomography, mammography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and … Continue reading

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Binder Park Zoo Gets New X-ray Equipment

Thanks to its Michigan community, Binder Park Zoo has some new equipment! They needed new x-ray equipment to help them better treat their animals, and a few weeks ago they were able to get it. The old x-ray machine, which … Continue reading

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