Binder Park Zoo Gets New X-ray Equipment


Thanks to its Michigan community, Binder Park Zoo has some new equipment! They needed new x-ray equipment to help them better treat their animals, and a few weeks ago they were able to get it.

The old x-ray machine, which relied on film and had to be brought back to the hospital on the zoo grounds to be read, made it difficult to treat animals like the giraffes. With their new digital x-ray plate, they can get results within seconds. They can also zoom in and change the contrast in the x-rays, without having to keep an animal sedated longer or make them go through the process a second time.

Zoo officials tell us this new system is safer and less stressful for both animals and zoo doctors.

“If we need to make adjustments we don’t have to in the training session come down develop the film run back up there set up the same set up again and you know that’s very stressful for the animal they don’t understand why things are happening like that that really it’s benefits us in being able to make a small adjustment right there patient side and make the best diagnosis for animals here at the zoo,” said Dr. Judilee Marrow, the zoo’s staff veterinarian.

Binder Park is one of only four accredited zoos in the entire country that doesn’t get tax dollars from the city to remain open. That’s why fundraisers like this most recent one are so important for them. Thanks to all who gave and thanks to the amazing power of x-rays to help animals!

Read more here.


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