X-Ray Coolness Factor Catalyst for STEM Program


The discovery of the x-ray in 1895 transformed the medical profession. As we at Specialty Portable know very well, today the x-ray remains a cornerstone of medicine through its use in x-ray, computed tomography, mammography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and many other diagnostic procedures. New ways to use x-rays to both discover and change the world are being found every day! Even more, the x-ray’s coolness factor is engaging a new generation of students who want to learn about its important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) principles. Never thought you’d see the day where x-rays are cool? Well, we knew this day would come!

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists, understanding that kids find x-rays to be incredibly interesting but a bit abstract, is encouraging science teachers around the country to use Radcademy™ to explore the fascinating field of x-rays with their students.

Radcademy™ is a free resource for kids and science teachers. The program includes websites and videos and a mini curriculum and educational resources for middle and high school teachers, including:

  • Lesson plan, worksheet, discussion guide and quiz.
  • Unique “RADfacts” that highlight medical imaging and radiation therapy statistics.

With National Radiologic Technology Week just behind us, the ASRT is spreading the word about Radcademy and the cool world of medical imaging and radiation therapy. Teachers and kids can learn about the radiologic procedures used to see inside the human body, meet the personnel who perform the procedures and discover how x-rays can diagnose and treat injuries and diseases. How exciting is that?!

Get the full story here.

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