X-ray images of ancient ‘Bisti Beast’ dinosaur skull reveal how ‘bone crushing adaptations’ arose in the T. rex family


Researchers have imaged a 74-million-year-old dinosaur skull in the highest-resolution scan of a tyrannosaur skull ever done.

The skull belonged to a ‘Bisti Beast,’ a relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex with big-headed, bone-crushing adaptations.

The scan revealed un-erupted teeth, the brain cavity, and sinus cavities. It added a new piece to the puzzle of how these predators evolved over millions of years.

The researchers used neutron-imaging and high-energy x-rays to conduct the scan. These techniques have revolutionized the study of paleontology over the past ten years, allowing scientists to gain insights into the anatomy and developments of ancient species.

This dinosaur skull was initially discovered in the Bisti Badlands in northwestern New Mexico in 1996.

‘It’s a tyrannosaur – it’s a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, but it’s a dinosaur that lived about 10 million years before T.rex, about 74 million years ago,’ said Dr Thomas Williamson, Curator of Paleontology at the New Mexico museum.

The results of the scan helped the team determine the skull’s sinus and cranial structure.

Get the full story here.

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