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X-Ray Your City’s Street Network, With a Bit of Code

A new open-source tool lets users compare the structure of cities around the world. A city’s street network is like its skeleton—a foundation for features like pipes, electrical lines, buildings, and public spaces. Geoff Boeing, an urban planning scholar at … Continue reading

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For first time ever, x-ray imaging captures material defect process

For centuries, humans have been changing the properties of materials to build better tools. In modern life, new materials are created to improve today’s items, such as stronger steel for skyscrapers. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National … Continue reading

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2 Products Upgrading X-Ray to This Century

Being able to see into or through something has long been identified as a strong, even game-changing, capability, for law enforcement professionals. Through the use of modern x-rays technology, that capability exists. The possibilities are endless: seeing through the trunk … Continue reading

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Your Monthly Dose of X-Ray Humor

You know we can’t help but share an interesting x-ray photo. Hope you laugh at this cartoon as hard as we did! Source.    

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