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Happy Halloween!

We like our Halloween like we like everything else- with a little x-ray humor! Happy Halloween, everybody. Source.

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Study finds that x-ray technology used in mining industry proves successful for controlling sodium levels in cheese

Never thought that “x-ray” and “cheese” would go together in the same sentence? Us either! But it turns out, there’s no limit to the arenas x-ray technology can be used in and that’s amazing! Researchers from the Wisconsin Center for … Continue reading

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Charred Dead Sea Scroll read using X-ray technology

Using X-ray scanning technology, researchers from Israel and the US have managed to read an ancient, charred Biblical scroll discovered in the 1970s in a synagogue on the shores of the Dead Sea. The document, made from carbonized parchment, was … Continue reading

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Asteroid mission will carry student X-ray experiment

On September 8th, NASA launched a spacecraft to a near-Earth asteroid named Bennu. Among that spacecraft’s five instruments is a student experiment that will use X-rays to help determine Bennu’s surface composition. The student experiment developed by researchers and students … Continue reading

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Honda patents show technology that could give you X-ray vision

Recent patent applications from Honda show technology that will bring us one step closer to augmented-reality driving. The patents involve technology that can show people and vehicles that would otherwise be obscured. The first patent is for pedestrian detection. Rather … Continue reading

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