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X-Ray Movies Reveal Skeletons Like Never Before

Before the invention of x-ray machines, if you wanted to look inside someone’s body you had to cut them open. X-rays revolutionized modern medicine! But they still have a shortfall: they only create two-dimensional images. However, CT scans are able … Continue reading

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Deepest Ever X-Ray Image of Space Captures Countless Black Holes

Large numbers of supermassive black holes can be seen in an incredible new picture that astronomers said is the deepest X-ray image of the sky ever captured. Researchers said the concentration of black holes in the central region of the picture … Continue reading

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Your Midday Laugh

If you’re looking for a midday chuckle, you came to the right place! Source. Happy Wednesday, everybody! If you enjoyed this cartoon, send it to your friends so they can get a laugh, too.

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Christmas spirit shines bright in boy’s X-Ray

It may be January but we’re not ready to stop talking about the holidays! Right before Christmas, a little boy from Tennessee accidentally swallowed a small snowman figurine when he was playing around with it in his room. “I used … Continue reading

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An X-Ray Surprise! When Black Holes Stop Eating, Galaxies Fade Away

Starve the black hole, and your galaxy dims. The photos below from Forbes show this amazing cosmic lesson firsthand! Some large galaxies have a massive, active black hole as their source of light. These black holes are brighter than all … Continue reading

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