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Toward X-ray movies

Low-power tabletop source of ultrashort electron beams could replace car-size laboratory devices. Ultrashort bursts of electrons have many important uses in scientific imaging, but producing them has typically required an expensive car-sized apparatus. In the journal Optica, researchers at MIT, … Continue reading

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Ho, Ho, Ho!

In the spirit of the holidays, we couldn’t resist! Source.

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Amazon App Update Gives You Secret Santa Powers

X-rays and Christmas might normally sound like they don’t belong in the same sentence, but according to Amazon they do! With their new “package x-ray” feature, you can avoid nightmarish scenarios where you accidentally open the Barbie doll Santa was … Continue reading

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Astronomers Find Group of Fast-Spinning, X-ray Active Stars

Using observations from NASA’s Kepler and Swift space observatories, astronomers have spotted 18 fast-spinning stars that produce X-rays at more than 100 times the peak levels ever seen from the Sun. “These stars rotate in just a few days on … Continue reading

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