X-Ray Reveals What Doctor’s Couldn’t See


A 23-year-old woman was admitted to hospital complaining of an ‘uncomfortable sensation’ in her throat the other day.

Doctors were originally left stumped by the woman’s symptoms, as she was able to breath normally and there were no signs that her airways were blocked.

But an x-ray saw what they couldn’t. There was a 1.2 inch fishbone jammed in the soft tissue of her esophagus. She had eaten cod earlier that day, and the bone got stuck.

Doctors were able to remove the bone from her throat the next day in a surgical procedure.

Dr McCabe said: ‘The patient was subsequently brought to the operating theatre the next day by the ENT surgical team, whereby the foreign body was identified and removed from the upper oesophagus via direct visualisation with a flexible endoscope.’

The patient is now just fine- thanks to the power of x-rays!

Get the full story here.

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