X-ray saves choking baby’s life


An x-ray image has revealed how a baby choked on a penny lodged in their throat.

Kayleigh Porter was terrified when her daughter Skyla, 1, started violently choking. Porter was frantic and completely unaware that Skyla had swallowed a penny. She slapped Skyla on the back to keep her from choking before the paramedics arrived.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors initially thought her throat had closed up after having chicken pox.

It was not until she had an x-ray that the penny was discovered.

“The doctors were in absolute awe at how blocked it was,” Porter said.

After paramedics arrived, Skyla relapsed again as the coin moved inside her throat. After the x-ray, she was then taken into surgery and put to sleep so that the coin could be removed.

We’re constantly in awe of the power of x-rays. We’re glad you’re okay, Skyla!

Read the full story from Mirror.

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