X-Ray Movies Reveal Skeletons Like Never Before

Before the invention of x-ray machines, if you wanted to look inside someone’s body you had to cut them open. X-rays revolutionized modern medicine! But they still have a shortfall: they only create two-dimensional images. However, CT scans are able to create detailed 3-D images of bones.

So what do you get when you layer a CT scan over an X-ray? An incredibly comprehensive look at bones in motion called XROMM, X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology. This new technique is poised to transform the field of biomechanics.

That has big implications not just for human medicine, but for science’s understanding of animal anatomy.The technology can give researchers a better look at how bones move, and even how feet interact with the ground.

For humans, the technique could help determine why, for example, women suffer more ACL injuries than men. It might be of use for amputees who endure uncomfortable prostheses. “One of the things that some of our collaborates at the VA hospital in Providence are doing is looking at how the residual limb moves inside a prosthesis to try to improve the interface,” says Brainerd.

Read the full story from Wired.

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