Christmas spirit shines bright in boy’s X-Ray

It may be January but we’re not ready to stop talking about the holidays!

Right before Christmas, a little boy from Tennessee accidentally swallowed a small snowman figurine when he was playing around with it in his room.

“I used to like snowmen. That changed, well, because I swallowed one,” said 12-year-old Aiden Tilley.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 4.18.31 PM.pngHe rushed downstairs to tell his mom and dad, equally worried about his health and his parent’s reaction.


The Tilley’s ended up at Foothills Pediatric, where doctors decided an X-Ray was needed.

Doctors say Aiden is going to be fine, and the snowman is small enough to pass naturally.

Aiden feels fine- however, he and his family now have a slight aversion to snowmen.

The good news is, the little guy has learned his lesson, and says “snowmen are bad, and don’t put things in your mouth.”


Great advice, Aiden! Happy New Year everybody, and make sure you steer clear of those tiny snowmen, and don’t put things in your mouth!

Read the full story here.


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