Home Renovators Get X-Ray Vision with WalabotDIY


WalabotDIY,created by 3D-imaging sensor company Vayyar Imaging, is a compact sensor unit that attaches to the back of Android phones and is able to show home improvers what dangers lurk behind an innocent wall. The device is able to pick up metal or plastic pipes, wiring, and studs. No more hitting gas lines, water pipes and wiring when trying to do some HGTV-inspired renovations!

There are two different modes available, one of which simplifies the raw data and other featuring more detail, including viewing movement. The sensor’s sensitivity can also be adjusted based on the task at hand.

The company says the sensors inside the WalabotDIY are compact, light and power-efficient, and designed specifically to be used with smartphones and tablets. Vayyer’s CEO and co-founder Raviv Melamed says WalabotDIY could also be used in everything from medical scanning to food production.

“WalabotDIY takes the guesswork out of your next renovation or repair project. It makes all kinds of home repair and renovation tasks easier – everything from hanging a gallery wall, mounting shelving, locating a pesky leak or drilling into a wall without the fear of hitting a pipe or electrical wire,” he says. “While there are many use cases for Vayyar’s 3D imaging technology, one of the highest demands we have had is from the home renovation market where 3D imaging makes a wide variety of tasks much easier.”

Get the full story here.

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