Long Wait for X-Ray Angers Senior

A 75-year-old Charlottetown woman, Margaret O’Brien, was left frustrated and angry over a trip to the hospital for X-rays that lasted for 11 hours. She arrived at 12:15 p.m. and left at 11 p.m. with no X-ray results.


O’Brien went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on April 7 on the advice of her family doctor to have her lungs checked because she was having difficulty breathing. After telling the staff she had been waiting for 8 hours to have an x-ray performed, they were finally performed. She waited three more hours for the results and finally left without them.

“So I got angry and I said ‘There is no need for this. This is unacceptable’,” O’Brien says.

We feel your pain, Margaret! That’s why our company exists- we come right to your home, perform x-rays, and get you the results- FAST! Have the results ready and reported within thirty minutes. The x-ray itself is no more than 5 minutes. How does that sound?

Find out more about what we do here and read more about Margaret O’Brien’s story here.

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