In The News: X-Rays, Cats, and Airports

So you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to humorous x-ray news? Think again! A few weeks ago, a passenger traveling through Los Angeles had a cat in a bag- literally. He sent the cat through the x-ray machine at LAX. The cat was discovered by the TSA officer looking at the x-ray machine monitor and was apparently unharmed.


According to people who claim to have witnessed the event, chaos ensued when the agent discovered the cat. We can’t imagine why! The official TSA Blog reads: “We do not X-ray pets. However, there have been many occasions where passengers assumed their pet needed to go through the X-ray. You can imagine the surprise of the X-ray operator when they see Fluffy’s skeleton roll across their monitor.”

Just an average day in Los Angeles, we assume. But hey, aren’t x-rays amazing? Read the full article here.

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