X-Rays Reveals Secrets in Battery Materials

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego recently discovered how to use a powerful x-ray imaging technique at the nanoscale level to reveal how cathode material behaves while batteries charge. This offered a possible explanation for how this particular cathode material works well at high voltage levels, an attribute crucial for batteries used in high-power applications such as electric cars. These techniques pave the way for more exciting discoveries in this field.

xrayimagingrAs shown in the above photo, the 3D X-ray imaging technique used in the study shows how the defects move around inside the LNMO spinel (cathode material) as the battery is charged to higher voltages.

“Understanding why this cathode material works well at high voltage can help us understand how to make other battery materials also work better at high voltages,” said Andrew Ulvestad, the first author of the Science paper.

Read more here about the amazing power of x-ray technology.

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