Hugh Turvey

Hugh Turvey is a British artist and photographer who uses x-ray technology to create what he calls Xograms, a fusion of visible light and x-ray imagery. He told National Geographic “I am an experimentalist and I think in images. Since I started working with x-ray in the late 1990’s, I am constantly amazed with how little I know”. Turvey has done many beautiful pieces but his favorite is Femme Fatale, shown below.


About this thought provoking piece Turvey said, “One of my personal favorite images is titled Femme Fatale. It is one of my first images, transparent, self-explanatory and has become an iconic image inadvertently, possibly made more unique by radiation law amendments. It also happens to be my wife and a fitting portrait of my sole mate…pun intended.”

See the full interview with Turvey here.

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