What you need to know about Specialty Portable X-Ray

  • Medicare covers the cost of your home exam, as well as nearly all other insurance carriers.
  • Anyone who would find it physically or psychologically taxing to obtain an exam outside of their  home is qualified for home exams
  • Results are sent to your doctor within hours of your exam
  • Radiographs can be obtained regardless of the patient’s mental and/or physical condition by utilizing proven methods and technology.
  • Our state-of-the-art digital equipment is extremely fast and accommodating, we can easily work  with confused and uncooperative patients. The patient does not have to stay still for the entire exam in order for us to obtain an optimal study. Most radiographs are obtained using less than one-half second of exposure time! This will eliminate patient motion.
  • X-rays are now safer than ever thanks to our advanced digital technology, built-in computer enhancements, and the use of our ultra-sensitive cesium x-ray plates, the exposure needed to acquire a portable x-ray is now 40-80% less, while simultaneously delivering higher quality images. Remember, if your doctor has ordered an x-ray exam, they feel that the benefits far outweigh any potential risk.
  • SPX provides x-rays for all body parts for many different reasons. Most commonly, we provide chest x-rays to rule out things like pneumonia, congestive heart failure, pleural effusions, and other ailments. We x-ray all body parts to rule out fractures, dislocations, osteomyelitis, and lytic/blastic lesions. Ultrasound exams, such as Doppler studies, are conducted to rule out things like deep venous thrombosis (blood clots), echocardiograms, general ultrasound of the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, thyroid and pelvis.
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